MTPuTTY: Not just a Multi-tabbed PuTTY

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I was looking for multi-tabbed PuTTY or a replacement for PuTTY with multi-tabbing capability when I came across MTPuTTY. I immediately started using it and let me tell you that it is great. It is not just about opening PuTTY sessions in multiple tabs in one window, but much more:

  •  You can open unlimited number of sessions in one window so your taskbar is not cluttered
  •  You can dock and tile windows. Place windows in different location on your screen under one windows
  •  You can detach a PuTTY tab and convert it as normal PuTTY window or reattach it
  • You can automatically log in if you save your username/password
  • Native Win32 code without relying on .NET or any other libraries
  • Easily accessible list of servers on a sidebar, which can be relocated on the screen
  •  It is free of charge

I generally work remotely with Vi(m) and now I can easily place windows so that I get the IDE look and feel and not worry about splitting in vim and mucking around with resizing, etc.

You can download it from TTYPlus website.


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