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QT - qmake I have started to learn QT and when I tried to compile my first practice program. I could not. qmake was missing. It was a silly oversight on my part or too late into the night. Nevertheless I am sure I am not the only one and someone might find this useful.

So you have installed QT and all the necessary libraries and every time you tried to run qmake, you  got  the “command not found” error message? Well…. it is not necessarily missing.

This exact problem happened to me. I was a little frustrated and decided to call it a  night when I did the simplest of things. I hit the tab key after typing qm and there it was:


You may have a different version, but it seems that the issue has been there for some time. Either use that command or create a symbolic link:

sudo ln -s `which qmake-qt5` /usr/bin/qmake

You may want to create the link somewhere in your home directory and add the location to your PATH. I have a local bin directory in ~/.local/bin/.


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