I am bad at writing about pages, but it is about time I wrote something here…

I am an average technology enthusiast, I love sports and enjoy a good action or scifi movie. I mostly read non-fiction. I once installed Gentoo successfully and survived the process. My six-year-old  uses a laptop that runs LXLE. I am a proponent of Linux and OpenSource but I do own a Macbook. I am part developer, part technical consultant in my day job.

I rarely update this blog, which was not the aim when I started it. More than a few occasions I have promised myself to be more active.I called this, the Blog Etcetera, because I thought I will write about anything and everything. But the little I have written somehow were mostly about Afghans and Afghanistan. Although I have written about technology, movies, TV shows and religion. I am hoping to write more because I like it and I enjoy it, but I am sure it will still be less than what I would like to.


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